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Millennials are hungry for a new kind of leadership that fits their lifestyle. They are ready to integrate their most important priorities with their work, instead of around it. They crave a life that is driven by a deeper purpose, rather than the bottom line. That’s where I come in. As a champion for authentic living, I partner with Millennial leaders and their managers to create customized leadership solutions so they can Lead With Intention®.

Collaborating with a range of creative professionals, I work with the following audiences:

Latest Leading Insights

May 2017 Spotlight

As we focus this month on celebrating Mompreneurs and supporting the spirit of innovation, I’m excited to feature Ashley ...
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April 2017 Spotlight

As we focus this month on promoting wellness and healthy living, I’m excited to welcome, Nikki Stern, a holistic health ...
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Your Wellness Wheel

Spring is in the air! The warmer weather calls us outside, while we also begin purging all the "stuff" we've accumulated ...
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Nice To Meet You

I believe that success is based on fulfillment, not retirement. As a certified coach, dynamic trainer, and skilled facilitator, learn more about me and my journey to embracing Wholehearted Leadership™.